Company Information


Swiss Merchant Group AG started its activities in February 2007 and is a full-service Swiss based finance and investment merchant firm focused on private and publicly traded companies. Our investment target is asset based companies, primary Real Estate or industrial with a strong, positive cash-flow generated by the underlying assets, evidenced in their balance sheet.

Swiss Merchant Group's “one-stop shop” approach provides its portfolio companies with investment capital along with a wide range of essential financial services.

Swiss Merchant Group's team of professionals work with its clients to fully understand their organization, their values, and their vision in order to structure and implement a custom-designed solutions-based platform that will help them achieve their specific goals.

Swiss Merchant Group injects the necessary human and financial capital into high quality companies to accelerate growth and address their specific needs. Swiss Merchant Group invests in companies that have attractive growth prospects, long-term competitive advantages and the ability to generate superior returns.

Once we invest, we work closely with the management teams of our portfolio companies over the long term to revitalize business by increasing productivity, competitiveness and more profitability. We implement this by streamlining operations and by investing in future growth.